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Message from Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati: Malibu Fire Update

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Dear parents and staff,

The City of Malibu, the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, and many agencies and organizations, are moving to the next phases of recovery following what some are calling the worst disaster in the history of Malibu.

We are thankful that our families and staff are safe. We are sad to learn that more than 150 in our SMMUSD family have reported loss or damage to their homes. It has been heartwarming to see the generosity and love shown by residents, local businesses, staff, parents and PTA, to support those displaced and affected by the fire. We are continuing to provide support in a variety of ways, including hosting the Friendsgiving gathering at Samohi last night. More than 400 people attended this warm and welcoming event. We are proud of our Malibu teachers who have spent countless hours pulling together this large-scale event in only a few days. They did so because they deeply care about our families and staff.

As the district grapples with the impact of displaced families, and the fire, smoke and ash that affected our schools, our goals are as follows:

Professionally clean and test our schools to ensure our facilities are clean and healthy for

the return of students and staff, prior to reopening. 2. Reopen all four Malibu schools as quickly as possible, once the school sites are conducive for our students and staff to return. 3. Implement erosion-control measures as needed at schools in anticipation of rain. 4. Continue to provide supervision and academic opportunities for families displaced or still

evacuated. 5. Welcome displaced Malibu students to our open schools. 6. Provide recommendations for ongoing education during closures for families who are

interested in pursuing this option. 7. Provide ongoing emotional support and resources to our staff and students suffering as a result of this tragedy. 8. Continue to engage Malibu schools leadership, Malibu City officials, Malibu Facilities District

Advisory Committee, Malibu Schools Leadership Council, Malibu PTA and site council members, Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, school staff, teachers and community members, regarding plans to resume school and recovery efforts.

Here are the details set forth to achieve our goals:

Professional cleaning and testing:

We are working with a certified professional cleaning company, experienced in cleaning and restoration, along with environmental specialists, industrial hygienists and other experts, to ensure our schools are safe for students and staff upon reopening.

We plan to conduct air quality testing prior to the restart of school for lead, asbestos and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

For those interested in more details, please see the Scope of Work for cleaning and evaluating the environmental safety of the Malibu school sites.

School opening tentative plan:

Webster Elementary School – Wednesday, November 28

Point Dume Marine Science School – Monday, December 3

Juan Cabrillo Elementary School – between December 3-5, pending results of PCB testing*

Malibu High School – between December 4-10, pending results of PCB testing*

* PCB testing and results will add up to five days to the reopening of school, following thorough cleaning.

Please let us know your plans for return when our schools reopen by submitting this survey. One survey per student, please. This will help us best determine needs for returning students and staff.

Bus needs: If you plan to return to your home school, but are residing in Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades or Malibu, please indicate on the survey whether you would like district busing, if available.

Erosion control measures:

Rain is in our forecast and we plan to protect our schools from mud and debris flow. We are concerned about this and will ensure students are safe in the case of rain.

Sandbags will be deployed on November 26.

A temporary fence will be installed at Cabrillo on November 26.

Environmentally-friendly straw wattles will be installed for slope stabilization.

Supervision available at Webster for K-12 beginning Wednesday, November 28 for

Malibu students not attending Webster, until the other schools reopen. Please fill out one form per student needing supervision.

Supervision continues at Olympic High School for Malibu students preschool-12th grade for the week of November 26. Please submit this form to let our staff know your student plans to attend. Lunch will be provided to students who are checked in by 9:30 am.

Displaced families have the immediate option of resuming education for their students temporarily at any open SMMUSD school, or at school districts closer to where they are currently staying. This includes Webster Elementary once the school has opened. Contact the nearest school office for registration.

We are hearing of some concerns regarding lost instruction time during the current school

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