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properties manager for Madison County

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ANDERSON — The Madison County commissioners took under advisement two bids to replace the elevators at the Madison County Government Center.

The commissioners Thursday indicated a decision is expected Nov. 20 on the awarding of a contract.

Anderson-based American Elevator submitted a base bid of $394,500 and Indianapolis-based company Thyssenkrupp Elevator bid $444,500.

Commissioner John Richwine said that once a contract is awarded, it will take up to six months to receive the necessary equipment to replace the two elevators.

He said the elevators will be replaced one at a time to allow access to the upper floors.

The remaining unknown is how Madison County will pay to replace the elevators.

Richwine said finding the funding is up to the Madison County Council. He said if requested the commissioners would make a recommendation.

Earlier this year a consultant recommended the elevators, installed when the building opened in 1973, be replaced.

In August, the Madison County Council started researching possible litigation as a result of needing to replace the elevators after a $4.4 million renovation of the courthouse and removal of asbestos.

Kent Odom, properties manager for Madison County, said the first hint of problems with the elevators came in March, and officials were told the two elevators could be repaired.

Although a consultant hired by the commissioners and the elevator maintenance company said the remodeling and asbestos remediation work didn’t result in the need to replace the elevators, that changed in August.

“There was extra weight,” Odom said. “The elevators weren’t made for it. I don’t know why a service elevator wasn’t put into the building.

“The weight did create a problem,” he added. “It caused the equipment to wear down quicker. It didn’t help.”


The commissioners denied a request by Ann Roberts, director of the Madison County Community Justice Center, for a 10 percent pay increase for 44 full-time employees.

Roberts said the annual cost of $114,236 would be paid through Project Income, which is revenues received through fees paid by those incarcerated at the county’s work release center.

Noting that the County Council approved a 10 percent raise in 2019 for civilian jail officers, Roberts said her employees should receive the same amount.

She said the employees didn’t receive a pay raise from 2006 through 2015 but will receive the 1 percent increase approved by the council for 2019.

Roberts said the pay increase would prevent employees from taking jobs in other county positions, noting the highest turnover takes place among case managers.

Commissioner Mike Phipps asked about providing a larger increase to the case managers in prevent future turnover.

Richwine said his concern is that some county offices have money to provide pay hikes that are not available to those paid through the county’s general fund.

Phipps said the County Council is dealing with a growing compensation issue every year.

“There has been either no pay increase or a 1 percent increase that was absorbed by health care costs,” he said. “This is going to be a big issue. We’re trying to get equity within departments.”

Roberts said her employees are in high-risk positions and don’t deal with a pleasant group of people.

Commissioner Steffanie Owens’ motion to approve the requested increase did not receive a second by Richwine or Phipps.

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