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Why Belmont should vote ‘no’ on 7-12 school

I am not going to argue whether we need a new school. I am concerned about the people on the committee and our past debacles.


1. Full before it was finished being built.

2. Neighbor noise issues (as a side the building committee rolled their eyes even though the residents were correct and the town eventually after finally listening did something about it).

3. Sound proofing — the school was finally fixed this year for the noise between classrooms and it actually caused a new sound issue in the principal’s office that has to be corrected.

4. It’s made of wood and is already in need of repair.

Trash dumpsters

For some reason the committees never take this into account. There was an issue at the Burbank. At Chenery, the solution was to line up barrels in the hallways until the fire chief said it was a safety issue

This is the third high school in 75 years I believe? And in all seriousness Bill Lovallo of the building committee made a comment that this school should last 50 years. Now I am sure it was said with the best of intentions but with proper maintenance and upkeep, shouldn’t a building last more than 50 years?

Speaking of upkeep, what is the maintenance plan for this building? Are estimated costs for the future? For example, what is the boilers lifespan? Will there be money in place to do these when the time comes and not let them be fixed with band aids?

Did you know the building committee decided to take down the field house in front of the hockey rink? The one where just a few years ago people donated to have new lockers put in with name plates? Not to mention the decision was made without consulting the recreation department who uses an office there (and to my knowledge had not been told of their new location) or that that building is also use for IT equipment for wiring around the field and rink (sorry I don’t know the technical terms).

Now I completely appreciate the time and effort that the people on these committees make but it’s the same people committee after committee. Who picks them? The Town Moderator. I am curious if anyone has been turned down from a committee or if truly no one else has asked to be on it. What we need is an actual plumber, HVAC and general contractor on the committee as they know the codes and can pick things up when reviewing plans. To me not having those on the board is irresponsible.

Finally, one of the major concerns is the fiscal responsibility of the committee. Once the money is received by the MSBA and from the town, the committee has oversight. The committee does have have to answer to anyone else, not the town administrator or the town selectman. How long has the Wellington been done and the board is still in existence and still spending money (granted it is to correct problems but really, should it have taken this long).

Until I can get assurances that we are not going down the same road we always do, whether we need it or not, I will vote no.

Lisa Boyajian

Belmont resident


League of Women Voters support 7-12 school

Based on studies by the Belmont League of Women Voters, the league board has voted to support the debt exclusion being proposed for the renovation and building of the new 7-12 school building. The league support is based on long-held positions in favor of “provision of space in schools for contemporary curriculum needs and other educational programs…” and in favor of “town and state financing to achieve…school building needs.”

The town of Belmont has applied to the Massachusetts School Building Assistance Authority for over 10 years for funds for needed repairs to the electrical, plumbing, heating and other systems at the high school and to provide greatly needed space for the increased and increasing enrollment. In August of this year, the MSBA approved a reimbursement for around $80 million of the total estimated cost of $293 million. In order to move the project, the town of Belmont and thereafter the town meeting, will need to vote in favor of a debt exclusion for the remaining $213 million.

The league strongly supports a “yes” vote on the new 7-12 school building, which will be Question 4 in the Nov. 6 general election. If this vote does not pass, the alternate plan needed in order to increase space (use of modules) and to renovate the middle and high school will cost taxpayers $247 million, with no state reimbursement, will take up to 10 rather than five years and would require multiple votes.

For detailed background on the project, one can find copies of the studies and committee work to develop the project on the Belmont Public Schools official website under the Belmont High School Building Committee segment. In addition letters and columns describing the issues have been printed over the past year in this newspaper.

Julie Perkins, past chair of the Belmont League of Women Voters Education Action Committee

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